Basic equipment

Starter set for beginners



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With the starter set for beginners you get the basic equipment for a low price. This is the permanent make up device "Pico Star" and a corresponding accessory package. With this starter you will be able to start working immediately.


Our "Pico Star" has proved itself as an ideal entry-level device due to its ease of use. The 3 fixed speeds are immediately available to the user at the press of a button. The needle stroke is individually adjustable on the handpiece. The device can be operated either using the footswitch or via direct operation on the control unit.

scope of supply

The starter set for beginners includes:

scope of supply PMU device:

1 control unit "Pico Star"
1 standard handpieces, straight
1 power supply plug 
1 foot switch 
1 maintence oil for handpieces
1 needle puller
operating manual
1 case with insert and shoulder strap


scope of supply accessory package:

1 p-unit* needle 1 T with color backflow protection
1 p-unit* precision needle tube, size 1
1 p-unit* needle size 3 Outline with color backflow protection
1 p-unit* precision needle tube, size 2
1 Needle disposal box
1 holder for 2 color pots
50 color pots, size A
1 Sealer with witch hazel, 10 ml
5 TattooMed PMU akut, 2,5 ml
5 TattooMed PMU care, 2,5 ml

6 bottles pigmentation color, 3,5 ml:

~ black night

~ malt

~ henna

~ nutmeg

~ red jasper

~ brilliant red  


* 1 p-unit = 20 pcs.


Bag with 1 permanent make-up device "Pico Star" with 1 standard handpiece straight, complete | each 1 PU= 20 pcs 1 needle T with colour backflow protection, 3 pcs Outline needles with colour backflow protection with the corresponding precision needle nozzles | 6 bottles of pigment colours a 3,5 ml | care products